As a freelance editor and writer, my work is often without byline or credit. Here’s a sampling of the catches and content I’ve delivered to clients. You’ll also find some examples from my past life as a journalist.

Marketing & Website Content

A combo of proofing, editing and copywriting. Check out my edits in the notes so you can get a feel for my tone, catches and rewrites. For reviewing editing work, download and open the PDFs to get the optimal notes view.

Brochure editing: See PDF / Visit website
Brochure editing: See PDF
Video scripting: See video / See PDF
Social media marketing (click image)
Brochure editing: See PDF
Brochure editing: See PDF
Quiz writer: Visit the site
Social media marketing (click image)

Technical Writing & Editing

My work in software for CCI Europe (now STIBO DX) prepared me to translate technical functionality from developers to end-users, and workflow requirements from end-users to developers. I love bridging the divide at every level: documentation, project planning, professional services, FAQs, knowledge bases and remote or in-person training.

Lingofy documentation and support:
See the knowledge base
Part of the team that rolled out WorkFusion’s Use Case Navigator, I worked as an editor and writer to explain their robotic process automation (RPA) and AI offerings.
AP StyleGuard documentation and support: Visit site for specifications and support details
State report on DV in Georgia (editor):
Click image

Instructional Design

These examples showcase writing and editing skills across materials, subjects and approaches. I have done ID editing and writing for secondary education across a wide range of topics: Networking, Project Management, Human Resources, Criminal Justice, Hospitality & Tourism and more.

Course editing, verification and APA style enforcement: See course planning guide PDF
Instructor resources and research: See PDF
Video scripting: See PDF
Interactives design: See PDF
Note: Australian English

Writing in the News

A smattering of columns and feature stories to give you a sense of my voice, though I’m comfortable and familiar with writing in a directed tone or brand voice. This work was done under my maiden name — and now you know what the “B” stands for in Danielle B. Hayden.

  • All I’m Saying Is … Green Isn’t Just for Ireland — It’s Also for Grandpa (Velocity) PDF
  • All I’m Saying Is … New Orleans, A City of Many Charms, Was My First Love (Velocity) PDF
  • Monster House: Some Simple Crafts for Spooking Up Your Space (Velocity) PDF
  • The Bar Hopper: Exile (Velocity) PDF
  • Room to Bloom: Do You Have a Blossoming Talent for Flower Arranging? (Velocity) PDF
  • Our Turn: The Bard Could Relate to the Hulk (Poughkeepsie Journal) PDF
  • Our Turn: Office Party Casts Us All in New Light (Poughkeepsie Journal) PDF

Design & Headlines in the News

Writing headlines on deadlines is a great way to sharpen your wordplay and expand your vocabulary. Page design is just fun.

Velocity cover: See PDF
Poughkeepsie Journal Life cover: See PDF
Poughkeepsie Journal Homes cover: See PDF
Poughkeepsie Journal special edition inside 3A: See PDF
Velocity cover: See PDF
Velocity cover: See PDF
Poughkeepsie Journal Life cover: See PDF
Poughkeepsie Journal special edition cover: See PDF