[per-snik-i-tee]  adjective
1. excessively precise and attentive to detail; fussy
2. (of a task) requiring close attention; exacting

I embrace my own word nerdery; I revel in the history and origin of words. I love the feel of certain words in my mouth and even just rolling around in my brain.

Persnickety is one of my favorites. It has several things going for it: onomatopoeia, flowing syllables and a warm, diminutive “y” (ee) ending.

It has an original negative connotation that has been taken up by persnickety folks such as myself and transformed into a positive. When it comes to editing, being excessively precise and attentive to detail isn’t fussy — it is ideal. I approach every editing job with a persnickety attitude and it never fails to serve my clients well.